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"With an intelligent, lyrical and intense pen, Fionn Mac Meldrum chronicles a soul's journey for place and redemption. This is not a simple tale, and Mac Meldrum's characters do not follow type or expectation. Rather, this is an elegant examination of identity and purpose through characters who, like all of us, fail, and question, and doubt. Mac Meldrum has crafted a compelling narrative that takes this genre to a different level as complex as it is universal, and, with it, a debut novel that introduces a remarkable new voice."

~ Greg Fields, Through the Waters and the Wild
2022 Winner, Independent Press Award for Literary Fiction

"Dripping with atmosphere and rollicking along at a breakneck pace, The Shadow of Banshee Hill is, for want of a better phrase, an absolute page-turner! By the time you reach the thrilling climax, you'll be begging for more. Mac Meldrum has crafted a rich, compelling world with deep, complex characters who come to life through his expertly crafted dialogue."

~ Ruairi O'Hagan, Cork's RedFM

"The Shadow of Banshee Hill is a smart, sexy, thrilling tale that seemlessly crosses multiple genres. Part revenge thriller, part gothic romance, part supernatural epic, part Irish folktale, Meldrum weaves these seemingly disparate elements into a refreshingly new kind of story that will keep you turning the pages."

~ Becky Hepinstall, Sisters of Shiloh

"This beautifully written, wickedly delightful, Gothic indulgence has suspense, horror, and romance wrapped up in an entertaining package.
An unputdownable treat whose next installment I will be waiting for with bated breath!"


~ C. J. Pinard, USA Today Best-Selling Author of
Enchanted Immortals

"The Shadow of Banshee Hill is a book that captivates readers with its rich and atmospheric tone, vivid descriptions, and an intriguing sense of mystery from the very start. What makes The Shadow of Banshee Hill truly exceptional is Meldrum's ability to transition between two distinct narratives while maintaining a consistent tone and atmosphere. The characters are deeply developed, and their emotional depth adds layers of complexity to the story. Fionn Mac Meldrum has crafted a mesmerizing tale that is both chilling and heartrending, leaving you with a lingering sense of unease and a thirst for more. The Shadow of Banshee Hill is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a gripping and atmospheric story that defies traditional genre boundaries."

~ Mikayla Robbins, Abide with Me

"The Shadow of Banshee Hill has many twists and turns . . . many detailed backstories . .. a beautiful finale!"

~ Jeyran Main, Editor-in-Chief, Review Tales Magazine

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